Congratulations to our 2016 Poteet Strawberry Festival Royal Court - Queen and King, Prince and Princess, Duke & Dutchesses.


2016 Royal Court

2016 court photo v2

(From Left to Right) Duke: Zachary Howell, Samuel Ritchey, Tyler Crisp | Prince: Ross Mikolajczyk

King: Donovan Garcia Jr. and Queen: Isabella Weiderhold

Princess: Lea Sanchez | Dutchess: Amanda Rivera, Destiny Sustaita, Ruby Jo Peoples


2016 Festival Court

2016 Court

Front Row (from left to right): Amanda Rivera, Destiny Sustaita, Lea Sanchez, Isabella Weiderhold, Ruby Jo Peoples

Back Row (from left to right): Zachary Howell, Ross Mikolajczyk, Donovan Garcia Jr., Samuel Ritchey, Tyler Crisp


Past Royalty

The Strawberry Festival court is elected each year to represent the festival in Poteet and the surrounding areas. They participate in various events at the festival and during the year, as well as at other festivals.