We wouldn't have the Poteet Strawberry Festival without our local berry growers. Since the first festival in 1948, our growers have been cultivating the art of producing some of the finest berries in the US. The Poteet-grown strawberry is known for it's amazing sweetness. You'll know the minute you bite into one!

We want to make sure our guests get the genuine Poteet-grown berry. All local berries are in boxes which state "Fresh Produce-Poteet, Texas" during Festival Weekend.  The Poteet growers also have locations on the Festival Grounds to sell their berries.

We'll be posting additional information about where to buy authentic Poteet berries soon. In the meantime, click below to learn a little about our growers.


Alfred Vera

Amadeo Garcia Farm

Chris Giles

David Edward Reyes

David Reyes

Garcia Farm

Three Cousin's Strawberry Patch

Hilburn Farms

Jimmy & Rosa Garza



Joanna Fletcher

Kyle Mikolajczyk

Martinez Farms

Oak Hill Farm

Popoy Farm

Reyes Farms

Sanchez Farms

Wheeler Farms