hilburnAmos Hilburn
2200 FM 2146
Poteet, Texas 78065
(210) 440-3649

Hilburn Farms provides local farm fresh strawberries to the Atascosa County area. Our produce is naturally grown, we are not "certified organic" -- our only certification is hard work and honest sweat. We grow strawberries naturally without the use of harmful toxics chemicals.

The Farm implements the use of organic fertilizers and non-toxic pesticide management.   We use no herbicides.

Taste the difference! Our strawberries are sweet like candy. They are sweeter for the earth, sweeter in your mouth, and sweeter for the health of your family! And in the absence of salt-based conventional fertilizers, naturally grown strawberries ripen more leisurely, with more time to soak up nutrients from sun and soil. They have a higher solid content and a lower water content, which yields an even more flavorful piece of fruit.  

We invite you to share in our harvest.

Hilburn Farms, 2200 FM 2146, Unit One, Poteet, Tx 78065

Contact: Pete Tijerina, 210-440-3649


Awards Received

Year  Place Variety
 2010    Seascape