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Vendor(s), Parade, R.V./Camper, Food Show & Event(s) Rules

Here you will find the applications currently being accepted along with deadlines. As forms become available, they will be posted here as well as on the event page. It is your responsibility to read and accept the complete rules for each event or application.

Arts & Crafts Vendors, Application(s)

CLICK HERE for the 2022 Arts & Crafts Vendor Application. Application deadline is January 28, 2022. All Vendors MUST complete and agree to Exhibitor Rules that can be found on the application. **Note: Food Booths and Food Vendors are reserved for local and area non-profits. Area non-profits are a part of our community and it’s another way Poteet Strawberry Festival Association continues to give back.** Notifications of acceptance packages and denial letters will be sent out via regular mail the 2nd week of February.

Commercial Vendors & Mobile Marketers, Applications(s)

This application is NOT for Arts & Crafts Vendors. This application is for Advertising Mobile Marketers & Commercial Exhibits. CLICK HERE for the 2022 Commercial Vendor & Mobile Marketer Application All Vendors MUST complete and agree to Exhibitor Rules that can be found on the application. **Note: Food Booths and Food Vendors are reserved for local and area non-profits. Area non-profits are a part of our community and it’s another way Poteet Strawberry Festival Association continues to give back. **

R.V. Reservation(s), Applications(s)

CLICK HERE for the 2022 R.V. Reservations Application  Please check our Lodging page for alternate arrangements.


Thank you for your interest in participating in our Parade. Parade rules and entry form(s) are available for submission now, CLICK HERE for Parade Participation Application.

Food Show

Forms for the Food Show will be posted in 2021.

Event Rules

CLICK HERE to download the 2019 PSF Strawberry Judging/Auction Contest Rules and Procedures.



The 2021 Poteet Strawberry Festival “Taste of Texas” Food Show


Sunday, April 11 • 2021


Rotary Club Pavilion (Poteet Strawberry Festival Grounds)


8:30-10:30 A.M., Check in food items

11:00-12:30 P.M. – Judging

1:00 P.M. – Auction Begins

“Taste of Texas”

General Rules



For the 2021 Food Show Only

  1. There will be NO ADULT Age Division.
  2. There will be NO MISCELLANIOUS class.
  3. There will be NO JAM/JELLY & SALSA class this year.
  4. Only 1 entry per participant.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. Only Berry Best of Show, Best of Show, Grand, Reserve, 1st and 2nd place winners will be eligible to sell in the auction.
  6. All nonplaced items must be picked up by the participant by 12:15 P.M. after judging is complete.  Entries not picked up will be discarded for safety reasons.
  7. If your entry is eligible to sell, the participant will take the entry home after the item has been sold.
  8. Add-ons will be allowed after the auction using Venmo or Cash App. The list of winners will be posted on of Texas Food Show page after 5 P.M. the day of the event, April 11th.  Add-ons will be accepted until April 13th at 5 P.M. Please include the participants name and event ID in the memo line of Venmo or Cash App.

General Rules

  1. Entries must be received between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m.
  2. Only one entry per participant – No EXCEPTIONS
  3. When registering, use full name, mailing address, and phone number.
  4. Bring your recipe typed on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper.  Write name, address, phone number, age, which class the entry will be entered, and date on BACK of recipe.  Recipes will be used in judging food items.  Recipes are required for all entries.  NO RECIPE, NO ENTRY!
  5. Food entries must be the COMPLETE recipe displayed for judging (Ex.: if the recipe makes 3 dozen cookies, you must enter ALL 3 dozen cookies).
  6. Food item should be placed on a disposable plate and covered with plastic wrap for appearance and cleanliness.
  7. All entries including recipes and containers will become the property of the Taste of Texas Food Show.
  8. All non-placed items will need to be picked up by the participant by 12:15 P.M.  Any items left will be discarded for safety and sanitary reasons.
  9. If your entry is eligible to sell, the participant must take home or discard the entry after the item has been sold.
  10. No refrigeration is available.  Please take this into consideration when selecting a recipe to enter.
  11. Food items will be identified by number assigned by the Food Show Committee during registration.
  12. No commercial food or products will be accepted.
  13. No entry fee is required.  However, you will be required to pay gate admission to participate.
  14. Food must be prepared by the exhibitor and must be homemade.  Recipes that call for a mix as an ingredient will be permitted. (Ex.:  You may NOT enter a cake made solely from a box mix).
  15. You must return to the food show area BEFORE 1 p.m to learn if your entry has won.
  16. A portion of funds collected during the auction will be used for scholarships for qualifying youth.
  17. To qualify for the “BERRY BEST OF SHOW”, the recipe must have AT LEAST 1 CUP OF STRAWBERRIES AS AN INGREDIENT OR A GARNISH.
  18. Grand and Reserve Champion will be awarded in each age division
  19. Ribbons will be awarded through 4th place.
  20. All Grand, Reserve, Best of Show, Berry Best of Show, 1st and 2nd place winners will be eligible to sell.
  21. No spectators will be allowed into the building to observe the show. During the Auction, only registered buyers and 1 guest will be allowed to sit in the auction area.

Four Age Divisions:

Junior – 5 to 8

Pre- Teen – 9 to 13

Teen – 14 to 18

Food Show Classes:

A. All Cakes

B. Cheesecakes

C. All Cookies & Candies

D. Yeast Breads & Quick Breads

E. Pies

There will be NO MISCELLANIOUS class or JAM/JELLY & SALSA class for the 2021 show.


1st Place – $50.00

(if not sold in auction)

2nd Place – $25.00

3rd Place – $15.00


For more information you may contact any of the following:

Ruth Ann Schultze (830) 570-3090

Debbie Ward (210) 286-9532

Strawberry Festival Association Office (830) 742-8144.


2021 PSF Strawberry Judging / Auction


This information will be updated for the 2021 Festival.
All entries must be in between 8 – 11:59 am, Fall, 2021 Judging will begin at noon.


Strawberry Exhibit Area in the Rotary Pavilion on the Strawberry Festival Grounds on Highway 16 S.


2021 – TBA

Strawberry Auction

General Rules

  1. The Strawberry Judging Committee and the Poteet Rotary Club assume no responsibility for any entry other than exercising reasonable care in handling. The Committee will not be responsible for accidents or losses occurring for any cause.
  2. The committee will accept entries and make checks payable to whoever is designated by the person entering the crate of berries. Checks will be mailed to growers as soon as possible following the festival.
  3. The committee has no control over, or assumes no responsibility for, agreements between landlords and tenants.
  4. The committee reserves the right to deduct a fee of twenty – five (25%) percent from the sale of auctioned crates of berries.
  5. The committee assumes no responsibility as to classification of varieties entered. The person making the entry must make that designation. If correct classification is in doubt, the final classification will be left up to the judge(s). Each crate of berries must be in the same variety, (Each crate will contain only one variety of berry. Exhibitors are not allowed to mix varieties in a single crate.)
  6. The strawberry auction committee reserves the final and absolute right to interpret the rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and difference in regard thereto, its judgment may determine. An exhibitor who violates any of the rules and regulations of the show will forfeit all privileges and premiums and be subject to such penalty as the Show / Auction committee may order.
  7. Protests – All protests must be in writing and accompanied by a deposit of $100.00, which will be refunded if the protest is sustained. Such protest must state plainly the cause of the complaint, or appeal, and must be delivered to the Secretary of the Rotary Club of Poteet.

Special Rules

  1. Major classes or varieties of entered berries are determined by the number of crates entered. If there are 5 or more crates of one variety, then a class has been defined. If there are 4 or fewer crates of one variety, they will be included in the Miscellaneous Class.
  2. There will be five (5) places (awarded) in each variety (class) with Grand and Reserve Champions selected from these places.
  3. Berries will be sold in the order that they are placed in judging. If a grower does not have at least one placing entry, that grower will have one non-placing crate included in the auction and it will be auctioned after all placing berries have been auctioned. Berries not included in the auction will be sold just prior to the auction as “Show Berries” for a premium price of $200 per flat.
  4. All entries must be packed in new Poteet Strawberry Festival paper flats (2 -12 pint flats). All other will be disqualified.
  5. Each flat must be labeled with the exhibitor’s name on the bottom of the flat. Labeling should be completed before arriving at the Poteet Strawberry Festival Grounds.
  6. No more than 1 (one) entry per variety may be made per grower. All others will be disqualified.
  7. Strawberry exhibitors must be strawberry growers. A grower is defined as a person who has the primary management and financial responsibility for the berry crop used to produce his exhibit.
  8. The Grower or his appointed representatives must be present to accept the ribbon and accept the berries during the auction.
  9. Only berries grown in Atascosa County will be eligible for the contest.
  10. Any flat of berries that does not meet minimum quality standards for the show determine by the judge(s) will be set aside and not judged or auctioned.
  11. Once berry entries are registered and accepted by the auction committee, the entry becomes the property of the auction committee and will remain so until the entry is released by the auction committee. Any exhibitor who reclaims or moves an entry without the express permission of the auction committee will forfeit all rights, privileges and premiums.

Strawberries will be judged on: Texture, Uniformity, Taste, Color, Size and Overall Appearance.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation in the 72nd Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival – Strawberry Judging / Auction.

Ron Mixon – Secretary / Treasurer, Rotary Club of Poteet


PSFTX Parade Info

Grand Marshal 2021!

Stephanie Serna (KSAT 12) 

2021 Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade.

The Poteet Strawberry Festival’s Annual Parade kicks-off the Saturday during the Festival at 10:00 am. with entries from around the state. With entries from around the country come witness all the pageantry, music and entertainment!

The parade route will begin at the corner of FM 1470 and School Drive. Go South on 9th Street. Turn right onto Avenue H and continue to 4th Street. Turn north on 4th Street and go to School Drive. Turn right onto School Drive and end at Horton Lane.


If you are interested in participating in the Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival Parade, Sorry, the deadline has passed to submit an online Application. Try again next year! (it’s all electronic). Remember to print and/or save a copy of the completed form for your records. The deadline for applications is March 26th, 2021.

Parade Participants, do you have questions?